One Week From Election Day!

Hello Supporters. Coming down to the wire!! Only 7 days away!! This past week was busy like usual and this upcoming week will be close to insane. Our group held a final fundraiser last Sunday which went very well. All the support is awesome and certainly encouraging. Monday found us in Melrose for the Melrose Women of Today forum with several other political candidates. Very good questions were posed to myself and my opponent and it was another chance to send out my message of my campaign.

We had several good days of door to door going from town to town and hitting every door. We received very good feedback from the people we talked to. Thursday I was able to attend the Town Officers Meeting for Stearns County. Many political candidates were there and this was chance to talk with many township officials. I was able to learn from many what they wanted from the Sheriff Office and it was very nice to hear that what they wanted is exactly what I have been saying this whole campaign in the fact that we need to be more community oriented.

Friday a group attended the Opole Family Fun day and played a little bingo and enjoyed talking to the citizens of the Opole area. We also walked across the street to Bialkas bar and met the owner and attended a fundraiser for the St. Stephen Lions Club. We also attended dinner at the Roost in Holdingford and spoke to many people about the campaign and my ideas for the future of the Sheriff Office.

Stay tuned in the next week for more video feeds from myself as I have been so busy and have not come to you in the video format and watch as I discuss just some of my ideas for the Sheriff Office. Please remember to vote early or on Nov. 6th and tell everyone you know that I am the candidate of choice for Stearns County Sheriff!!


Soyka For Sheriff