Update from the Campaign Trail

It was another great week for Team Soyka! Our group attended the St. Rosa church festival on Sunday last week and followed that up with the St. Stephen Parish festival. Large groups at both events made for many conversations regarding the Sheriff Office and my campaign to be your next Sheriff. I appreciated all the feedback and support from the communities in both places. I attended community meetings in 3 different parts of Stearns County this week and answered a lot of questions regarding my vision for the Sheriff Office. Again it was great to talk to so many Stearns County residents! Friday I spoke to even more people and attended a couple of very positive meetings gaining some very awesome support. Saturday night Team Soyka attended the St. Mary’s Cathedral Block party in downtown St. Cloud. Overwhelming support was shown at this event also and I thank all the people that I spoke with for the kind words and encouragement.

In the next few weeks you may see my team and myself out knocking on doors. I firmly believe that the personal attention I try to give each of you citizens is the best way for you to all hear my thoughts and ideas for the future of the Sheriff Office. Please watch for exciting updates to our campaign and don’t forget about our upcoming fundraiser events. One for adults and one for the whole family!! They both will prove to be a good time and a good chance to help out our campaign and to learn more about my run for Sheriff.

Thanks everyone for the team effort in making me your next Stearns County Sheriff! See you all soon.

Soyka For Sheriff