Campaign Update and Labor Day Recognition!

On Labor Day, we recognize the many accomplishments of the American worker. The American worker is the backbone of our nation- and we are grateful for all that they do.

This past week was filled with many activities. I attended a couple of meetings of various groups to talk about the crime trends in our area and answer questions including some interesting ones about human trafficking. As I am a candidate who actually worked human trafficking details with the dedicated group of investigators at the time I was able to provide real life experience and answers to those questions.

Team Soyka went to the MN State Fair wearing our t-shirts and met some Stearns County residents and supporters while there. The group also went to the final Summertime by George on Wednesdayevening and visited the St. Rosa church festival Sunday and enjoyed talking to members of the community while there. We enjoyed some great hamburgers and a little church bingo!! Looking forward to meeting many more Stearns County residents in the upcoming weeks as the general election grows closer!

Soyka For Sheriff