Update from Steve After Sheriff Forum on KASM Radio

Hello Everyone. Last night, I participated in a live on-air forum with all 3 Sheriff Candidates on KASM radio. After answering a set of predetermined questions we also got to take questions from the audience. I appreciated the opportunity to talk and bring forth my ideas and message for the vision of the Sheriff's Office. A big Thank You to KASM radio for holding the forum and especially to Randy, Brad and Travis from the radio station for putting it on. If you did not get a chance to hear it, there will be another forum next Monday evening August 6th at the Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud.

Please come out to the Benton County Fair this week and visit us at our booth in the Ice Arena Building!! If you don’t see me at the booth watch for me walking around talking. I look forward to meeting many people this week at the fair. #SoykaForSheriff

Soyka For Sheriff