Join Team Soyka at the Albany Area Community Center Forum Tomorrow Night!

Hey Everyone! We had a great time at the Stearns County Fair the past few days. Sorry I was not there all of the days but duty calls and I was out with my partners patrolling the county this weekend making sure you were all safe. I had a lot of talks with people and learned a lot from all of you. Some of you gave me some great ideas for the Sheriff Office once I am elected. As you all know part of my campaign is to implement more community oriented policing and your ideas and suggestions are right in line with my train of thought. Having a Sheriff Office that listens to the people and effectively integrates what you are all thinking into a better operation is key and paramount to my campaign and the future of our agency.

Hope to see you all at some of the remaining parades this summer and you are all invited to the public forum tomorrow night at the Albany Area Community Center. If you cant be there you can listen to it on KASM radio AM 1150, or you can stream the forum on

Soyka For Sheriff