The Soyka Story Part 1

Good morning Team Soyka! I have been out hitting the campaign trail hard the last few weeks and talking to a few political groups, various forms of local government, and many, many community members. As part of this I have told everyone I would be posting more information about my experience in Law Enforcement that I feel makes me a strong and viable candidate for Stearns County Sheriff. My goal is to explain why I’m the strongest candidate for Stearns County Sheriff.

With that being said, this is my first “The Soyka Story” post. I’m hoping this will help all of you to get to know me, and to understand who I am and why I'm the right choice for Stearns County Sheriff. I am born and raised in the St. Cloud area so I can whole-heartedly say I am from Central Minnesota! I attended high school at Cathedral and graduated from St. Cloud State, remaining in the area, and eventually starting my career here. I could honestly say that my interest in law enforcement started in high school when I joined the Stearns County Sheriff Office Explorer program. I had the opportunity to learn all the things the deputies do and ride along. I knew then when riding along that I wanted to be the Stearns County Sheriff someday. I have never waivered from that goal.

After college I was lucky enough to get hired in the area and worked for the Benton County Sheriff Office for 5 years before coming back to Stearns County. During my time at Benton County I worked patrol mainly but due to our size we had collateral duties. I have worked court security and inside the jail in Benton County. While not having ever worked inside the Stearns County jail, I do understand what our jailers go through on a daily basis and have an understanding of their duties because of this. I understand the tough job correctional officers have and do everyday.

After 5 years at Benton County, an opportunity to come “back” to Stearns County opened and I jumped at the chance. This is where I will leave the story…until the next post.

Please watch for “The Soyka Story” posts on a regular basis as the campaign gets ramped up!! #SoykaForSheriff

Soyka For Sheriff