I'm on the Ballot to be Your Next Sheriff

I am excited to announce that as of last night, I have officially filed to run for Stearns County Sheriff ahead of the primary election on August 14th!

In a 2017 survey, 28.5 % of Stearns County residents said their top public safety concern was crime. When it comes to fighting crime, my record stands for itself. I’ve spent my career arresting violent criminals and drug dealers.

I’m proposing real solutions to keep children safe, reduce drug abuse, get violent criminals off the streets and win the battle against sex trafficking.

I’m confident that voters in Stearns County will agree that I’m the most qualified candidate to address public safety concerns in Stearns County, and I look forward to speaking with people all across the County in the coming months.

I couldn't do this without incredible people like you behind me. Thank you for your support.

Soyka For Sheriff