National Missing Children's Day

Today is National Missing Children’s day. Many people across the country will be wearing one sock for missing kids. One of the most important parts of my campaign is improving children’s safety. It is important for parents, and adults everywhere to make the safety of our children a top priority.

Please take time today or this weekend to talk with your kids, and educate them on identifying dangers around them and staying safe whether they are at school, home or elsewhere. I’d like to recognize all those who work in organizations who lead the fight against child exploitation and abduction. The work that you do is so important to our society.

Every child deserves a safe childhood. Children in Stearns County deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods. Let’s work together to make Stearns County a safer place for our kids.

Below I am attaching links to the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children websites. If you are able, please consider making a donation. Thank you.

Soyka For Sheriff