The Thin Blue Line

This week marks National Peace Officers week. Yesterday was Peace Officers Memorial Day. It's an important day to recognize because far too many Peace Officers lose their lives in the line of duty.
Below are the statistics for line of duty deaths in 2018
Total Line of Duty Deaths: 54

9/11 related illness 3

Assault 1

Automobile crash 13

Drowned 1

Gunfire 27

Gunfire (Accidental) 1

Heart attack 3

Struck by vehicle 2

Vehicle pursuit 1

Vehicular assault 2

As you can see the number one killer is from being shot. There have been multiple. officers shot in just the last month in senseless acts of violence. (2 deputies killed while eating in an ambush style attack in Florida)

During this week I ask that you please remember law enforcement officers everywhere, those serving presently, in the past, and in the future, and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve their communities and to keep us all safe. Please keep in mind their families, friends, and others who mourn their loss and pray for them to heal.

Thank you.

Soyka For Sheriff