A Job Well Done!

I want to personally pass on a "job well done" to the newly formed Sex Trafficking Task Force (which the Stearns County Sheriff Office is part of ) on the recent raid and arrest of the owner of a massage parlor operating in Waite Park. During my time working on the Violent Offender Task Force, I had the chance to work on investigating these massage parlors with some of the investigators on this task force long before they formed the combined group they are now. I'm thrilled to see that this Task Force is making great strides in winning the battle against sex trafficking.

I know firsthand from attending specific massage parlor training and even more so actually working with them that investigating the massage parlors is one of the hardest investigations to conclude and very time consuming and I commend them on their dedication to the cause of sex trafficking and their steadfastness in conducting a complete and thorough investigation. Good job to everyone who helped on this case!

- Steve

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