National Correctional Officer Week

This week is National Correctional Officers week and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the men and women serving everywhere in the correctional world. Whether you are working in one of our county jails or at the state level in one of the state prisons, please know that you serve in an incredibly important role in our criminal justice system!

Because of the private nature of your job, many people do not know about the sacrifices that you make, and how hard your job really is. Everyday you come to work, to a place where you are not necessarily liked by the clientele and do so with steadfast dedication. Every day you come to work where you face the unknown and a myriad of challenging situations.

You become instant counselors to many, represent order, rules and structure to others and are seen as the enemy to a few. You serve everyday with bravery, wisdom, and empathy to better our jails, prisons, and community. Please take a moment if you know or see a correctional officer to say THANK YOU for all that they do! #CorrectionsWeek

Soyka For Sheriff