Onward to Victory

Hello Team Soyka!! I want to say a big Thank You to all that attended the Soyka for Sheriff campaign kick-off on Thursday March 22nd at Grizzlys restaurant. It was well attended and I had the opportunity to speak to many of you about my campaign and public safety issues facing Stearns County. I've attached some photos from the event, keep scrolling to see the highlights!

As many of you know or have heard a tragic incident struck the Paynesville area last Thursday, and I was asked to assist in the investigation, which was the reason I was late. For those that were still there near the end you also know that I had to leave early for the same investigation and assume my role as the SWAT commander as the SWAT team was activated to look for the bad guy. I am sure you all understand but I still wanted to give you all my apologies in that respect. What happened in Paynesville is terrible and we should all keep the families of the victims in our prayers and thoughts.

I want to let everyone know that during the campaign I am continuing to work hard to keep our County safe and will continue this dedication and work ethic for the citizens of Stearns County as your Sheriff. For those of you I wasn’t able to speak to, please feel free to contact me at my email (steve@votesoykasheriff.com) or by telephone (320-423-1845) if you want to speak to me. I look forward to speaking with many more Stearns County residents during the coming months! #SoykaForSheriff


Soyka For Sheriff