Steve's Week In Review

Welcome to the Soyka for Sheriff weekly update! This will help you keep track of what Team Soyka is up to, and how you can help Steve win! Keep reading for more info.

Action Item of the Week:

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Steve's Last Week:

  • On March 10th, Steve attended the Denim to Diamonds fundraiser for the Terebinth Refuge, a safe haven for victims of sex trafficking. The money raised will help the Refuge to stock up on necessary supplies, and to help the location get up and running. Like many Minnesotans, Steve is very concerned about the exploitation and victimization of young women in our state.

  • On March 16th, Steve attended the Annual Rockville Fire Department Fish Fry. The fish fry raises money for the Rockville Fire Department Relief Fund. Steve had the opportunity to speak with many Stearns County residents about public safety issues and the Sheriff's race- there were many Soyka supporters in attendance! Steve donated to the relief association and spoke with several members of the Rockville Fire Department. Steve supports the local fire departments of Stearns County as they are a vital part of the public safety family that works closely with the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office.

  • On March 19th, Steve met with a group of education professionals to talk about school safety, current drug trends and to answer questions about what Steve would do as Sheriff in regards to both topics. Steve talked about increasing training between the Sheriff’s Office and local police agencies in response to active shooter incidents, his thoughts on school resource officers being deployed in the schools in Stearns County and ways to combat drug use and violence in the schools of Stearns County. Steve also touched on the increase in mental illness police calls and how they relate to juveniles.

  • Steve talked about his priorities and vision for Stearns County with Dennis Dalman of the Newsleaders. Click here to check out the article

  • Know a student interested in a spring or summer internship? Come work for the next Stearns County Sheriff! Contact Campaign Manager Billy Grant for more information!

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