Steve's Stance on...

Children's Safety

Ensuring the safety of our children should be our top priority. As your Sheriff, Steve Soyka will take a more proactive role in protecting our schools. Steve will use the resources from the Sheriff’s office to better patrol and interact with the students at schools in Stearns County.


There is no excuse not to use every resource available to protect our kids. Steve will work with the officers at the Sheriff’s department to make connections with the youth in our communities to better understand any potential problems, and to deal with any crises that may arise.


No child should ever feel unsafe at school. Steve Soyka will make it his mission to provide a safe learning environment for all students in Stearns County.

Drug Abuse & Violent Crime

As a former Commander of the Central MN Violent Offender Task Force (VOTF), Steve Soyka has seen the devastating effects of drug usage and what it has done to Stearns County. Sadly, many drugs are present in Central Minnesota, and no town is immune to their presence.


Steve Soyka’s experience on the VOTF makes him uniquely qualified to tackle the drug issue in Stearns County. Steve has supervised, worked on, or been a part of over 200 search warrants going through the door to take down criminals and get drugs off the streets. This resulted in many guns being seized from violent criminals, and hundreds of pounds of drugs being taken off the streets of Stearns County.


As your Sheriff, Steve Soyka will continue to be laser focused on reducing the spread of drugs and violence in Stearns County. If we successfully combat the drug epidemic, we will greatly reduce overall crime in Stearns County. Steve Soyka has a proven record of taking drugs and violent criminals off our streets, and he will continue that fight as Stearns County Sheriff.

Our Community

Strong relationships of mutual trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they serve are important for public safety. Nobody understands this better than Steve Soyka.


Since he was 15 years old, Steve Soyka has dreamed of serving as the Stearns County Sheriff. As a lifelong resident of Stearns County, Steve understands the importance of building relationships with the community.

As Sheriff, Steve Will

  • Run an administration that will engage with the Stearns County community in an open and transparent way

  • Always be available to answer questions via phone call or email - even after he is elected Sheriff

  • Improve communication between the Sheriff's office and the citizens of Stearns County

  • Improve communication and collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and Stearns County staff

Human Trafficking

Like many Minnesotans, Steve is concerned about the exploitation and victimization of young women in Central Minnesota. The Sheriff’s office needs to take the lead in educating our community about the dangers of human trafficking, the warning signs to look for, and what to do if if you see someone who may be a victim of human trafficking.


As Sheriff, Steve will continue to train deputies and law enforcement officials, so that they have the tools they need to successfully combat human trafficking. Steve will work tirelessly to help victims of human trafficking to make sure that they get the help that they deserve. Lastly, Steve will explore ways that the Sheriff’s office can help people who are at high-risk of becoming victims of sex trafficking. Steve understands that if we proactively protect people who are vulnerable, we can save them from a terrible fate.